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Consonant Blends / Consonant Clusters

Free worksheets, interactive activities and other resources to support teaching and learning about consonant blends (clusters).

32 Consonant Blend (Consonant Cluster) Sheets - Only £3.99  
The US-English version of this pack is available for $5.99 Click Here 
Consonant Blends (Consonant Clusters) Pack

This Pack Contains...

  • 3 CCVC Sheets + CCVC Spelling Tests
  • 2 CVCC Sheets + CVCC Spelling Tests
  • CCVCC Sheet + CCVCC Spelling Test
  • Initial Blend Sheets: bl/br, cl/cr, dr/tr, fl/fr, gl/gr, pl/pr, sc/sl, sk/sm, sn/sp, squ/st/sw
  • 3 Mixed Initial Blend Sheets
  • 2 Initial Blend Cut & Stick Sheets
  • Final Blend Sheets: -mp, -nd, -nk, -nt, -sk, -st
  • 2 Mixed Final Blend Sheets

This product is a digital download in .pdf format. Adobe PDF File

Add to Cart CCVC Words  bl / br consonant blends (consonant Clusters)  -mp final consonant blend (consonant Cluster) 

Free Consonant Blend (Consonant Cluster) Printable and Resources

Spot the Initial Blend Interactive  CCVC Words Interactive Spelling Activity  CVCC Word Interactive Spelling Activity  dr / tr spelling strips CCVC Picture Sheet  bl / br blends 
Spot the Initial Blend Interactive (Tablet-friendly)  Javascript enabled browser required. CCVC Words Interactive Spelling Activity (Tablet-friendly)  Javascript enabled browser required.   CVCC Words Interactive Spelling Activity (Tablet-friendly)  Javascript enabled browser required. dr / tr spelling strips (print double sided)  Adobe PDF File  CCVC Picture Sheet (1)  Adobe PDF File bl / br blends  Adobe PDF File
-mp final blend           
-mp final blend  Adobe PDF File          

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