Phonics and literacy worksheets for 5 to 11 year olds.

Consonant Digraphs

A consonant Digraph is a combination of two or more consonants which produce only one sound.

The Big Book of Consonant Digraphs and Trigraphs 

This book contains loads of printables to help children learn to read and spell words containing a range of consonant digraphs and trigraphs. It covers the following sounds:

sh, ch, th, qu, ph, wh, tch, ck, ng, nk, ff, ll, ss and zz

For each sound there is a selection of sheets including:

♦  Reading and Spelling Practice

♦  Spell the Pictures

♦  Look/Write/Cover/Check

♦  Handwriting Practice

♦  Find the Graphemes

♦  Wordsearches 

♦  Anagrams

♦  Spelling Lists

♦  Spelling Strips

♦  Word Cards

♦  Alien Words

This product is a digital download in .pdf format. Adobe PDF File

170 pages of digraph and trigraph resources - only £4.99!
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sh resources ch resources th resources ph resources
ng resources nk (ng k) resources ck resources wh resources
ll resources ff resources ss resources tch resources
qu resources zz resources